November 22nd Summaries


The market and banking summaries presented at the November 15th meeting are attached below:


CUFE_Banking Summary_11222015


November 8th 2015-Market and Banking Summaries


The market and banking summaries presented at this past Sunday’s meeting can be accessed here (market summary) and here (banking summary). From now on, CUFE will be publishing its market and banking summaries a couple of days after its Sunday meeting. If you want to gain further insight into these summaries, please consider attending our weekly meetings every Sunday at 7 p.m. in Lerner 569 where we discuss these summaries in depth along with special presentation and events.

CUFE is Recruiting for OCM’s!


CUFE is currently recruiting undergraduates for the OCM position. The OCM position is a great way to transition into a position on the executive board of CUFE. As an OCM, the minimum requirement is that you attend meetings every Sunday at 7 p.m. along with the various events that we will have throughout the semester. Besides that, as an OCM you can help the executive board in creating market and banking summaries, lead discussions in our weekly meetings, along with both helping organize and hosting your own events.Applications are due October 4th at 11:59 p.m.Interviews will be held on October 10th. You can apply here.

Which firms engage in the most M&A?



Dealogic is a great source for checking the rankings of top investment banks.  For details on specific deals, some great sources accessible in the business school’s library are Bloomberg Terminals (Command: MA) and Capital IQ.

YTD the top three for announced M&A:


  1. Goldman Sachs – $881,695mm
  2. Morgan Stanley – $702,000mm
  3. Citi – $614,339mm


  1. Goldman Sachs – $608,117mm
  2. Morgan Stanley – $468,226mm
  3. Barclays – $448,671mm


  1. Goldman Sachs – $335,295mm
  2. Morgan Stanley – $290,360mm
  3. Lazard – $281,233mm

Asia Pacific (ex Japan):

  1. Goldman Sachs – $83,942mm
  2. Citi – $68,879mm
  3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch – $67,233mm

Hello, M&A Bull Market!



“The dog-eat-dog deals are emerging as a defining tactic of the current mergers-and-acquisitions boom, which has shattered previous records dating to 2007.”

M&A volume rises 39% to $2.7 trillion to date, hostile M&A rises 338% to $557 billion, and targets become acquirers. Check out the WSJ story!